Night lights!!

Today I have been there in Tank bund.Really it’s awesome!! place for night view in Hyderabad.


Methods Of Stress Reduction-Based on my personal experience.

stressWhen you are in stress, you have to follow the below methods. I have written, all these things based on my personal experience.

  1. Pick your mobile into your hands and talk to your dearest friends about your past memories which you have spent with them. Ask about your college mates, especially girls and enemies. Where are they and how they are doing?. Sure definitely you may get some kind of relaxation by listening those words from your friend’s. I believe good friend is the best medicine for worst disease.
  2. Open your old photos which ever you have with you currently. Go to each by each photo and imagine you are there right now and imagine how you enjoyed over there.
  3. Go for long drive alone or with dearest friends to adventure something. While going on the way try to interact with many people and find out good things. Ask them more questions about their culture, living life and their problems. During this journey you will get to know some adventures things.
  4. If you have your favourite meeting spot, you can go over there along with friends or alone. Chit chat with them for some time, if not sit over there as much as time you can spend time by remembering past chit chat things.