Chit chat with village students.


Education is very bad in this school. I had a discussion with them, they are not happy with school and education. simply they are coming to school to home, even lectures also following the same rule. I don’t know when Indian Govt education system will be good for poor students.Location: Darsi, Prakasam district. Andhra Pradesh.


7 thoughts on “Chit chat with village students.

  1. This Saturday our church congregation is packaging 20,000 meals (each packet serves eight) to go to school around the world. The schools are feeding kids hot lunches because hey’ve found if they feed them, they’ll come to school. That’s a start. Education is so important to breaking that poverty down. Thanks so much, btw, for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around the blogs. šŸ™‚

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  2. that’s the problem with our country’s govt education centers… we have many educated people who do not get job and some idiots do who don’t even want to teach. >.< Poor kids..


  3. Welcome to our blog…I hope you will enjoy reading about us in Canada…
    I am sorry to read that some areas of India still have poor education. That is very sad.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha Henry


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